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We work closing with Shipibo curanderos, who are known for their extensive knowledge and expertise in using Ayahuasca. The Shipibo tradition is widely considered to be the most authentic and profound among indigenous traditions that utilise this plant medicine. 
While the philosophy and methodology of the tradition can be complex, there is a fundamental principle that underlies the entire practice. The basic premise is that every living organism, from the smallest cell to the largest galactic system, has an inherent inclination towards wholeness and harmony. This conscious force is a driving factor in all forms of life and is responsible for maintaining balance and optimal health. It works intelligently and systematically at all levels, repairing cells and ensuring that planetary and galactic systems remain in equilibrium.
This guiding principle is considered to be divine in nature and is present in all aspects of life.
The Shipibo tradition is a centuries-old indigenous healing practice that use the plant medicine, Ayahuasca. The Shipibo people are an ethnic group native to the Amazon region of Peru, and their tradition is based on the belief that all living beings have a natural inclination towards wholeness and harmony. To attain optimal health, one must purify oneself on every level, including the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects.

Curanderos are traditional healers within the Shipibo tradition who use plant medicines, rituals, and incantations to help their patients achieve balance and harmony. They are highly respected members of the community and are sought after for their knowledge and expertise. Curanderos work closely with ayahuasca, a plant medicine that has been used for centuries to induce a transformative, psychedelic experience that is said to help individuals connect with their inner selves and the spiritual realm.

While ayahuasca has gained much attention, it is important to remember that the Shipibo tradition encompasses much more than just this one plant medicine. Curanderos work with a wide variety of plants and techniques to help their patients achieve healing and balance, and their knowledge of traditional medicine is vast and complex.

At the core of the Shipibo belief system is the idea that all living beings possess a unique and essential energy, known as kañi, which animates and connects all things.

In the Shipibo world view, the universe is seen as a living entity, filled with intelligent and conscious beings, including spirits and deities. These beings interact with humans through dreams, visions, and other forms of communication. The Shipibo believe that the universe is in a constant state of flux, with various energies and entities interacting and influencing one another.

Central to the Shipibo cosmology is the concept of the “song of the universe.” According to this belief, all living beings, including humans, have a unique song or vibrational frequency that corresponds to their individual energy. Through plant medicine and other techniques, the Shipibo work to tune their energy to the harmonious song of the universe, in order to achieve balance and harmony within themselves and with the world around them.

The Shipibo also have a complex understanding of time, which they view as cyclical rather than linear. They believe that events and patterns repeat themselves in a circular fashion, and that time is divided into different cycles or eras, each with its own unique characteristics and energies.

In addition to their spiritual beliefs, the Shipibo have a deep reverence for the natural world and the spirits that inhabit it. They believe that everything in the natural world, from plants and animals to rocks and rivers, possesses a unique and powerful energy that must be respected and honored.